Recruiting new talent to PughLab!

We are looking for talented and motivated individuals who want to be a part of the epigenomics revolution!

We developed and use the ultra-high resolution ChIP-exo mapping technique.1 Most notably, we are using yeast and human systems to define the positional and mechanistic organization of all proteins that interact with the genome. Knowledge of protein positional organization informs of biological mechanisms that we can test using various gene editing methods.2 In human systems we look at many cell types, including clinical samples that are prepared and sequenced here in Dr. Pugh’s lab. Dr. Mahony’s lab is also investigating neuronal cells.3 What is most exciting is integrating thousands of datasets into a coherent view of genome regulation. This is what is most challenging also, as it involves developing advances in computational and statistical methods. Read more Recruiting new talent to PughLab!

Silly Week 2017 – Happy Halloween from PughLab!

Not every day has to be the same-old routine. The Pugh Lab tech team hosted “Silly Week” during the week of October 30th, 2017. Each day will have a theme, listed below, and every day that members participate they will be added to a drawing for the chance to win a prize! There will be three prizes and therefor three chances to win the drawing! Good luck everyone!

Monday, 30th: Hat Day/Hair Accessory Day – ball caps, scrunchies, blue and white hair paint, whatever!
Hat/Hair Accessory Day
Hat/Hair Accessory Day

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Eberly Research Fellows program

The Eberly College of Science at Penn State University invites nominees for the Eberly Research Fellowship program. Eberly Fellowships are designed to attract exceptional early career scientists to Penn State to enhance their career goals in the vibrant, highly collaborative environment of the Eberly College of Science and the broader STEM community of Penn State University.

The Eberly College of Science which includes the Departments of Astronomy & Astrophysics, Biology, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, and Statistics, ranks in the top 10 universities in the U.S. and has annual research expenditures exceeding $106M. Each of the seven departments is expecting to appoint one or more Eberly Fellows. Nominations for early career scientists with exceptional promise in basic research in physics, chemistry, biology, molecular biology, astronomy, mathematics, and statistics and/or applied research in health, energy, materials, or the environment are encouraged. Interdisciplinary as well as traditional disciplinary research is encouraged. Fellows who wish to also gain training and experience in teaching may elect to receive mentored teaching experience. Read more Eberly Research Fellows program