The New Director of EGR Training Grant!

Graduate students in the EGR training program's inaugural group.

Dr. Pugh has now been appointed as the Director of the EGR Training Grant

This NIH-sponsored Training Program prepares young scientists to excel in both experimental and computational approaches to address fundamental questions in gene regulation. Nearly all aspects of biology and human disease are rooted in gene regulation. Students in the program are vital members of the Center for Eukaryotic Gene Regulation (CEGR) community, with critical expertise in biophysics, biochemistry, molecular biology, genetics, computational biology, and statistics. Trainees are supported for a period of two years as a part of their doctoral programs.

Please click on the link to read the news story about this training grant!

Dr. Pugh Traveled to Maine

July 22 – 26, 2018- Dr. Pugh traveled to Newry, ME to attend the Gordon Research Conference on Chromatin Structure and Function. The title of Dr. Pugh’s talk was Genomic Mechanisms of Gene Regulation and Chromatin Organization.

Conference Description:

2018 Pugh – Mahony Annual Lab Outing!

Here at Pugh lab we care about building good community. That is why each year we plan various group activities outside of the lab, such as our annual lab outing. This year for our annual lab outing we camped at Ricketts Glenn, followed by an early Fourth of July barbecue. Please enjoy some picture from our outdoor adventure! Central Pennsylvania is a beautiful place to live and work!

  • Ricketts Glenn Pennsylvania

Recruiting new talent to PughLab!

We are looking for talented and motivated individuals who want to be a part of the epigenomics revolution!

We developed and use the ultra-high resolution ChIP-exo mapping technique.1 Most notably, we are using yeast and human systems to define the positional and mechanistic organization of all proteins that interact with the genome. Knowledge of protein positional organization informs of biological mechanisms that we can test using various gene editing methods.2 In human systems we look at many cell types, including clinical samples that are prepared and sequenced here in Dr. Pugh’s lab. Dr. Mahony’s lab is also investigating neuronal cells.3 What is most exciting is integrating thousands of datasets into a coherent view of genome regulation. This is what is most challenging also, as it involves developing advances in computational and statistical methods. Read more Recruiting new talent to PughLab!

How to Join the Lab

How to apply for a Postdoc Position:

  • Please send a Cover Letter, CV, and Letters of Recommendation to our Principal Investigator, Frank Pugh, at

How to apply to a Graduate Program:

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Olivia Muly – 2018 Undergraduate Exhibition

The Penn State’s Undergraduate Exhibition communicates and celebrates the participation of undergraduate students from across the University in scholarly inquiry, research and creative endeavors. Students from all Penn State campuses are eligible to enter one of three formats for sharing research and creative inquiry in the Undergraduate Exhibition in public sessions.

Pugh Lab Undergraduate Researcher Olivia Muly presented her poster Wednesday evening at this Exhibition. The poster outlined her Pugh Lab research on characterizing DNA regulatory elements in yeast under high sugar and oxidative stress conditions. Every cell regularly reads its genetic code to produce mRNA in a process called transcription, with the aim of ultimately producing thousands of proteins. Eukaryotic organisms use a system of activator and repressor proteins to modulate transcription. The goal of her research is to understand how genes are regulated by exposure to environmental stress and subsequent characterization of protein/DNA interactions genome-wide through ChIP-exo technology.

We are very proud of Olivia and are excited to continue fostering her research. Congratulations on your first poster presentation Olivia!

For more information about our student researchers or opportunities to join the lab please click here!

New Job Opportunity

Pugh lab has a job opening for a Research Technician!

This is a full time staff-level position with Penn State and thus includes all the benefits and pay scales pertaining to university employees. The start date would be early May 2018. Our research techs  conduct molecular biology experiments such as; ChIP-seq, PCR, gel electrophoresis and cell culturing using standard protocols that we train them in. Competitive applicants have a GPA >3.0, have excelled in molecular biology laboratory classes, and have a commitment time frame of 1-2 years. Past technicians utilized this opportunity to gain additional laboratory experience before heading off into other professional training programs.

 Applications must be submitted electronically and include a cover letter and resume. To submit an application click here. Recent university graduates are welcome to apply!

Please contact our Lab Manager Kylie Bocklund should you have any questions.