Graduate Students

Jordan Krebs
Jordan Krebs is a MD/PhD candidate with The Pennsylvania State University and Hershey College of Medicine. He is studying transcription factor binding sites in normal and disease states to identify factors and their mechanisms in various diseases. He received a BS in Biology & Chemistry from Lycoming College.​CV

Prospective graduate students must first apply and be accepted to one of our graduate programs in BMMB, MCIBS, or BG. Upon matriculation, you will undergo short laboratory rotations of your choosing, and from there select a lab to conduct your PhD thesis. Critical considerations during laboratory rotations include demonstrating a commitment to excellence and learning. We help you succeed to the extent that you are committed to success; a career in science can be a competitive endeavor.


Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Application Page

The major goal of the doctoral program is to provide a challenging and rewarding academic environment in which students can develop research and teaching skills to the fullest

Molecular Cellular and Integrative Bio-Sciences Application Page

An interdisciplinary graduate program encompassing: cell and developmental biology, immunology and infectious disease, molecular and evolutionary genetics, molecular medicine, molecular toxicology, neurobiology

Bioinformatics and Genomics Application Page

An interdisciplinary program providing educational and research training in broad areas of computational, evolutionary, and functional genomics